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Keeping in mind that you will be run off your feet as the move gets closer, we thought you might appreciate a few tips on organization from people who have seen virtually all of the things that can go wrong.


  • Start a moving expenses book. Some of your expenses may be tax deductible, so be sure to save the receipts.
  • Get written estimates from at least two moving companies and make sure the movers know all the items which are to be included. Do not include jewelry or other small valuables.
  • Movers insurance is usually minimal. Check that the mover’s insurance will pay replacement cost of goods which are lost. You may need to purchase additional coverage. Notify your own insurance company of the move and ask for the policy to be reviewed.
  • If furniture is to be stored, what does the insurance policy cover?
  • Get a written commitment from the moving company confirming the date of the move and the time of arrival.
  • Ask for references from movers.
  • Don’t be misled by rates – inquire about additional charges and methods used to compute time.
  • Arrange for the changeover of utilities, including telephone.
  • Contact provincial health insurance authorities to notify them of change of address.
  • Contact the manager at your financial institution to arrange transfer of all accounts, loans etc. (if applicable).
  • Order cheques with new address.
  • Register your change of address with the post office and obtain a supply of change of address cards.
  • Begin mailing change of address cards. Keep a list of cards sent. Don’t forget credit card companies.


  • Prepare a list of all items you want to take with you personally. Include all jewelry and valuable items which should not be entrusted to movers.
  • Dismantle anything that requires it.
  • Prepare a list of everything that is left.
  • Confirm the booking for the freight elevator (if applicable).
  • Confirm the booking for the moving company.
  • Defrost and air dry the deep freezer.


  • This is your last day to pack.
  • Do your last laundry. Disconnect and drain the washing machine.
  • Disconnect and air dry the fridge.
  • Protect delicate furniture with a thick coat of wax.
  • Double check that all valuables have been accounted for.


  • Lead packers around the house and make sure they understand all your instructions.
  • Make sure you have gathered together all keys for the house for the new owners (don’t forget garage and shed keys).
  • If you have a security system, why not change the code to something simple like 1-2-3-4, so you can use the old code for the new house.
  • Pack all of the items that you will take with you personally. Mark them “Do Not Load – For Car”.
  • It would be better if these were out of the house before the movers arrive.


  • Lay down plastic sheets to minimize the dirt in the house.
  • Lead the packers around the house again and make sure they understand the instructions.
  • Do a final check for forgotten items.
  • Check inventory for number of boxes – break down by room.
  • Check movers Bill of Lading against your inventory.
  • Clearly label and leave all spare keys and the code for the security system inside the house unless otherwise arranged.


  • Get to the house before the movers. Arrange to take milk, bread, coffee, etc. with you. It will be a long day.
  • Verify that all the utilities have been turned on.
  • Lay down plastic sheets to minimize dirt in the house.
  • Hang up curtains if possible.
  • Find your floor plan and give copies to the movers. When your goods arrive look at each item carefully.
  • Note any damage. You won’t be able to check unpacked goods so write: “subject to loss or hidden damages” on the Bill of Lading.
  • Set your first priorities (IE: Kitchen, Children’s rooms) – And Go For It!!!

Average Home Buying Expenses


Cost: $500-$1,500
Inspection involves a physical examination of the house or condo by a qualified home inspector of your choice. The cost is approximately $500 for a city home, or $1,500 for a rural property (which usually requires septic inspection and well inspection/water inspection).


Cost: usually 5%+ of purchase price
Often, once you have an accepted offer to purchase, you will have to come up with a deposit, payable by certified cheque, within 24 hours, so be sure to have the funds at the bank. The amount is typically 5% or more of the agreed-on price.


Cost: $300-$350, or possibly more depending on the location or size of the property
In addition to your property inspection, the home will be looked at by a professional appraiser to determine its lending value, which is distinct from purchase price. Although the appraiser is commissioned by your bank or other mortgage lender, usually you, as the buyer, pays the cost. However, sometimes a lender will waive your appraisal fee, in an effort to secure a long term mortgage with you.


Cost: based on purchase price and down payment size.
If you are not able to put down 20% or more, you will need to take out mortgage default insurance. The insurance premium is typically rolled into your mortgage, which will affect your monthly payment amount. Cost is calculated based on the property purchase price and the size of your down payment; see the CMHC Mortgage Loan Insurance chart online to calculate your premium.


Cost: $2,000 for you as the purchaser (seller pays $900)
You’ll need a real estate attorney to perform the necessary legal work associated with your purchase.
The fee includes:
Title Insurance
Search Cost
Registration Cost


The Land Transfer Tax is graduated, based on the amount of the purchase price. The rates are:
Up to $55,000: .5%
$55,000 – $250,00: 1%
$250,000 – $400,000: 1.5%
$400,000 – $2,000,000: 2%
Above $2,000,000: 2.5%
Qualified first-time home buyers get a break on the transfer tax in Ontario, with a refund of up to $4,000.


Cost: $1,000 and up
The amount you’ll pay to move varies widely. Two important factors are the amount of furniture and other possessions you have to move and whether you hire a company that’s insured or not (we definitely recommend insured!).

Frequently Called Numbers

City of Oshawa 905.436.3311
Town of Whitby 905.668.5803
Municipality of Clarington 905.623.3379
Canada Revenue Agency 800.959.8281



Enbridge   877.362.7434
Bell Canada   310-2355
Rogers Cable   888.764.3771
Region of Durham Water   905.666.6211
Region of Durham Health Dept   905.666.6241
Region of Durham Water Testing   905.686.0041
GO Transit   888.438.6646
Durham Regional Police   888.579.1520
Land Registry   905.665.4007
Property Assessment Review (MPAC)   866.296.6722
Land Transfer Tax   866.668.8297
Ontario New Home Warranty (Tarion)   877.982.7466
Durham District Catholic School Board   905.576.6150
Durham District School Board   905.666.5500
Oshawa Public Utilities   905.723.4623
Oshawa Animal Services   905.723.3488
Municipal Airport   905.576.8146
Recreational Services   905.436.3311
Recycling   905.579.5264
Refuse (Garbage)   905.436.3311
Oshawa Transit   905.579.2471
Driver & Vehicle License Office   905.436.7463
Oshawa Fire Administration   905.433.1238
Inspectors & Permits (ie: building)   905.436.3852
Oshawa Civic Auditorium   905.436.5454



Veridian   888.420.0070
Hydro One   888.664.9376
Courtice Community Complex   905.404.1525
Clarington Animal Services   905.623.7651
Waste and Recycling   800.667.5671
Clarington Fire Chief   905.623.5126
Driver & Vehicle License Office   905.623.7331
Catholic Northumberland Board   705.748.4861
Kawartha Pineridge School Board   877.741.4577
Whitby Hydro   905.668.5878
Whitby Animal Services   905.655.0283
Waste & Recycling   905.668.3437
Parks & Recreations   905.430.4310
Whitby Transit   866.247.0055
Driver & Vehicle License   800.387.3445
Whitby Fire Administration   905.668.3312
Inspectors (ie: building)   905.430.4305
Iroquois Park   905.668.7765

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